Codeless Server Control

Manage your entire server(s) with 3 small clicks.
Connect Server + User + Domain… Done 👏

Tested: DigitalOcean - Linode - UpCloud

Should work on any server... Tell us about your successful provider installs, we'll create a list

Core Server:


Fresh Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 LTS

Server Stack:

Customize your server:

Static: (Nginx)
PHP: (Nginx, PHP-FPM)
Lemp: (Nginx, PHP-FPM, MySQL)

PHP Version: 7.2, 7.3, 7.4


Default (all servers):

Auto SSL (Let's Encrypt)
HTTP/2 Support
Security headers
Firewall optimized
SFTP user isolation
Automated security updates


Manage 1 or 100 server(s).

Manage all your servers, users and sites from a single location... Instantly.

Control Panel:

Smartly surprising...

A progressive menu instinctively guides you through the building process in just a few steps while the backend manages critical procedures quietly and securely.

Nothing to install, zero footprint, just login and manage.


It's not all tech.

We designed our interface in three flavours, light, default and dark. Pick your comfort zone and enjoy...

Effortless, intuitive, gracious... Built like a rock.


Installed packages are out-of-the-box and while configured for performance and security, they maintain their original structural integrity. This makes your server lean, stable and ensures seamless updates. Simplicity also means control... You can jump in anytime and easily add or tweak apps in a familiar server environment (only if you want to). Furthermore, if you close your Snac account your server does not care and keeps on running uninterrupted 👍

Want to know more? See Docs

(Beta is now closed)

Thank you everyone for the amazing input and suggestions. All accounts with active servers remain accessible and will continue to be free (login). All abandoned accounts have been deleted. We'll keep you posted on future developments. Reach out if you have comments or questions.